In part-1, we discussed the importance of F-Commerce and what can be done with it. In this article, we discuss more details of how Facebook as a platform can benefits the merchant by making it easy and value-rich for both buyers and sellers.

Now that you are getting excited about using Facebook in your business for generating awareness, drive and sustain engagement, and maybe actually do sale, let’s get deeper into the benefits offered by Facebook both to the merchant and to the buyer. Facebook crossed 1 billion users yesterday, and now there are still more reasons to be there for you.

Benefits of using Facebook for Commerce

However, there are many skeptics who don’t believe in F-commerce.

Opinions against F-commerce

Overall, benefits of the platform far outweigh the criticisms leveled against it, especially when you use it selectively and with the right strategy. In the next article, we will discuss some of the strategies you can employ and ways you can use Facebook to good effect. Stay tuned!