Customer Perspective is a new series we are starting today. We plan to talk to typical customers and get them to write their experience buying online. The goal is to collect these case studies which can help merchants gain insights into customer behavior. These should prove useful in validating some of the existing and future marketing strategies you deploy. These will be written as first person account with minimal editing to preserve the customer inputs as much as possible. If you want more details about any case study, please contact us.

When my second child started sitting comfortably at the age of 5 months, my husband and I decided to buy a baby stroller. Now, we live in a typical tier 3 city that has fewer options when it comes to shopping as compared to bigger cities. We had faced lots of difficulty in the same purchase 5 years ago with our first child, so we decided to buy online this time.

About Me

Researching the Product

When we googled “strollers,” the first thing that we noted about the results was interesting; none of the generic shopping sites like eBay, Junglee, Amazon, etc. were on the first page. We zeroed in on two sites – Firstcry and Babyoye – for detailed research after skimming through the sites on search page. We also researched eBay and Junglee for strollers in detail to see if there was any difference between sites dedicated to baby products and the general shopping ones. Some of the parameters we based our research on were:

Differences among the websites

Most of the options like refining research experience, payment options, checkout page were similar but still there were some differences that impacted our decision-making:

The Final Purchase

After much research and soul searching we decided to buy from Babyoye as they were offering the best discount on the brand we had zeroed in. Other details of our purchase:

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