In Converting Visitor into Buyer on an Online Store – Part 1, we talked about factors that convert a visitor into a buyer. In part-2, we focused on the content that support the product and why it is so important to have very good content for products. In part -3, we discussed ways to generate good content for the product details. In this part, we will discuss approaches to personalization of site and importance of search results.

As we discussed before, here are 2 statistics worth paying attention to:

Also, as we hypothesized before, it is cheaper to convert a visitor into a buyer (and a buyer into a repeat buyer) than attracting a new person to become a visitor. Let’s look at strategies for improving the 2 areas that the above two insights entail: improving personalization of site and improving search results

Personalizing Site

When you go to a regular store (not the impersonal big-box format stores) in your neighborhood, you see people around you, and more importantly, a shop assistant is a hand wave away who can provide you information and product details to cater to your needs (at least in a good store!). If you are a frequent visitor, you know the aisle you want to buy from, and the shop assistant also knows you and tells you about products you might like, based on your previous visits.

In contrast, in an online store, you are all alone, walking along a very long aisle of products, with no one in sight to help you in your shopping, and you may feel ignored. Even when you visit again and again, it is exactly the same experience.

Personalization is one of the ways to create an impression that the shop cares for you and is willing to offer all the help it can. Here are some ways an online store can be personalized:

Improving Search Results

Search results quality is dependent on the quality of information and metadata present on your web site. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating data for your online store to ensure good quality search results:

A good search engine for your site is also important, so that all the good stuff created can actually be surfaced to the user. Here are some ways to have a good search engine on your site:

You are the judge of the quality of results your visitors will expect from you, so choose carefully.


This concludes the series on converting visitors into buyers. We will continue to bring you more topics on store optimization in our forthcoming articles, so stay tuned!