In Converting Visitor into Buyer on an Online Store – Part 1, we talked about factors that convert a visitor into a buyer. In part-2, we focused on the content that support the product and why it is so important to have very good content for products. In this part, we will discuss ways to generate good content for the product details.

In last article, we talked about various type of product details that you need to have. Let’s talk about various ways in which you can get these types of content for your product:

Product Images

There are multiple ways to get product images, both cheap and expensive. This is a key piece of product content for any online store:

Product Description and Specification

Product description and spec are very critical for an online store. In addition to helping the visitor make up their mind and turn into buyer, this content helps in content marketing – creating SEO-optimized content that google search engine loves and puts at the top of the search results. There are many ways to generate good content here:

Product Rating and Reviews

Here are some ways to generate product reviews and rating:

In the next and final article in the series, we will discuss two topics: importance of search results, and personalization of site, and we will have key takeaways from this series.